About HosPall Private Homecare Inc.

HosPall Private Homecare Inc. is a leading home care provider in King Township and York Region. Our focus is to provide our clients with compassionate and high-quality home care services. Our team of experienced caregivers is committed to delivering personalized care that meets the unique needs of each individual. We are proud to be a member of Home Care Ontario, King Chamber of Commerce, Aurora Chamber of Commerce and Certified Aged Friendly Business, Canadian Home Care Association, and Accreditation Canada. We believe everyone deserves access to quality home care and are committed to making this possible for all who need it.

Michelle Frauley - Nurse and Certified Professional Consultant on Aging at Hospall Private Homecare Inc

Michelle Frauley,

Michelle Frauley is a highly experienced nurse and Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA) who has dedicated over three decades to providing quality healthcare. Apart from doing a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging CPCA, She has worked in various settings, including family medicine, palliative and end-of-life care, women’s health, complex long-term care, operating room, and community nursing. Michelle’s experience has taught her that providing quality healthcare is built from a foundation of care and compassion.

Bruce Frauley,
Director of Operations

Bruce is a graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Business Management and Marketing.

Bruce joined HosPall after spending the last three decades in various sales and marketing roles, honing skills that provide him with the expertise necessary to support and guide our team.

As Director of Operations, Bruce oversees the organization’s daily business activities. In this role, he is responsible for managing human resources, developing and implementing operational plans and ensuring that procedures are followed.

Additionally, Bruce regularly evaluates daily operations and organizational efficiency and makes necessary changes to maximize staff and company productivity.

Bruce enjoys sports, boating, and travel along with a passion to help others in the community.

Bruce Frauley - Director Of Operations at Hospall Private Homecare Inc.
Erwin Delemos - Registered Nurse and Homecare Manager at Hospall Private Homecare Inc

Erwin Delemos,
Homecare Manager

Erwin Delemos has been a Registered Nurse for two decades. Before becoming a nurse, he built his experience as a live-in personal support worker. His nursing experience has primarily been in family medicine, palliative, and long-term complex care. Erwin was also part of a critical care team, where he gained experience as a flight nurse caring for critically ill patients in an unstable environment.

We are fortunate to have had Erwin as the Senior Homecare Manager for HosPall since 2014. Erwin is passionate about helping others and making a difference in our clients’ lives. Erwin’s other passions include travelling and spending time with his family.

Juliana Machado,
Homecare Manager

Juliana Machado graduated as a Registered Nurse in 2006 in Brazil, post-graduate in Emergency and ICU, and MBA in Hospital Management. Juliana moved to Canada in 2018 and had the opportunity to join the Hospall team as a Personal Support Worker and was promoted to Homecare Manager in 2022. Juliana states:" nursing is the science of knowing how to care, advocate and have therapeutic relationships with her clients. families and team members." In her spare time Juliana loves to spend time outdoors with her daughter.

Juliana Machado
Erwin Delemos - Registered Nurse and Homecare Manager at Hospall Private Homecare Inc



“Growing old in AGE is a FACT of life, and growing old with DIGNITY is a basic HUMAN RIGHT. But growing old with GRACE is a CHOICE, and a GIFT we can give to those who once cared for us when they’re no longer able make that choice.

I consider it the greatest of honors to care for those who have walked before us and made possible the life we all enjoy today. Even if those afflicted with dementia become unable to recount what has just happened, short as it may be, they still go through life’s experiences in the PRESENT. AND in those very fleeting moments of the present, we all have the capability to turn their life’s experiences around with power of the simplest of gestures - a smile, a kind word, an honest compliment, a listening ear, a gentle touch or the smallest act of caring – all of which can make the most significant of differences.”

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Our mission is to provide consistent, compassionate care for our clients by elevating and enriching their health and well-being while maintaining their dignity.

Our Main Goal

We strive always to provide the highest quality of personalized private care for our clients and their family members in the comfort of their homes. We strive to help our clients lead safe, balanced lives and create peace of mind.

We encourage our clients to be physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally engaged. We believe we can help individuals retain better cognitive function, maintain better health, and live independently longer within their homes.

Our Values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and reflect how we interact with our clients, keeping them at the center of what we do. These values differentiate Hospall from other homecare providers. We believe in:

  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Professionalism
  • Client Centricity
  • Balance
  • Quality


At Hospall, we believe integrity is represented by honesty, sincerity, and strong ethics. Our word is our promise, and our goal is to earn and maintain your trust. Our team is comprised of dedicated, caring individuals that want the best for our clients. We will ensure consistency of caregivers and continuity of care for each of our clients, understanding that adjusting to change is difficult for some.

Do you want your loved one to live independently and safely in their own home for as long as possible?

Our caregivers are highly qualified and passionate about helping our clients retain their independence for as long as possible. We encourage our clients to be physically, mentally, socially and emotionally engaged because we know that leads to a better quality of life.

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