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What are the benefits of my loved one staying at home versus LTC?

We are a privately owned and operated company. Just like our company we want the care to be personalized to each individual not generic. We strive to help our clients lead safe, balanced lives while achieving peace of mind and body. Hospall encourages our clients to be physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally engaged. We believe we can help them retain better cognitive function, stay healthier, and live in-dependently longer all while living their own homes.

What services does Hospall provide?
What area do you provide care?
Will I have the same caregiver? What if I do not like my assigned caregiver?
Is there flexibility around hours I need and time?
What are the costs of homecare provided by Hospall?
Is there a minimum number of hours per visit?
Is the cost for services covered by my health plan or government program?
Are your employees insured?