The Importance of Getting Your Flu Vaccine This Fall –and Where to Get It

Amid the COVID-10 pandemic, there is a ton of preventative information available to you to keep you and your loved ones safe. Our team is here to highlight one of the most important things that will keep you and your family safe and healthy during these times. Unlike our experience with the initial COVID-19 outbreak, we now must take into account the prevalence of contracting the annual flu during this second wave. Our experts at HosPall Private Homecare have key information on the importance of getting your flu shot this fall.

What Is the Flu Shot?

While many people falsely believe getting the annual flu shot gives you the flu or is overall worthless, it is one of the most critical things you can do for your health and others this year.

Health experts design the flu vaccine after predicting which specific strains of flu will be most prevalent that year. Receiving the vaccine will overall increase your immunity to contracting influenza and will help your body fight off the virus and recover quicker than without it.

Why Should I Get the Flu Shot This Year?

Family doctors, urgent care clinics, and emergency rooms notably get overwhelmed with flu patients every winter. With the ongoing pandemic, we need to keep our doctors’ offices, hospitals, and urgent care clinics accessible to those who need it and are affected by COVID-19.

The more people who are vaccinated against the flu essentially result in fewer people that will need access to the healthcare system because of the flu. This will in turn keep beds open for those who may need it,and keep others safe and happy in their own homes.

By making sure you and your family receive the flu shot early this year, will ensure a higher chance of a speedy recovery if someone does contract the virus. It will also help keep extra patients out of the healthcare system, so healthcare workers can focus on the expected traffic from the second wave of the pandemic

By taking the time to plan out yours and your family’s flu shot, you increase the chances of your family staying healthy, happy and at home this flu season.

Where Can I Get a Flu Shot?

The typical flu season begins early October and peaks around February, but with the changes COVID-19 has brought, it is important to think early about how, when, and where to get vaccinated this year.

The Ontario healthcare system has strategically made the 2020 flu vaccine available earlier than usual this year, and is encouraging everyone to get immunized early. Contact your family doctor, pharmacy, or public health clinic to make an essential trip to receive your shot. For those who prefer to stay at home, the team at HosPall Private Homecare is offering flu vaccine administration for all services this fall season. Our clients can receive their flu shot in the comfort of their own homes and protect themselves and those close by.

Contact the Experts

As colder months approach during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s vital to act on all preventative measures we can to keep our family and loved ones healthy. Contact a nurse at HosPall Private Homecare to learn more about our in-home services and flu-shots this flu season. Keeping your loved ones safe and at home is one of the best things you can do for not only them, but yourselves and the community as well.

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