How to Keep Family Safe During the Second Wave of COVID-19

In the past few weeks, concerns have resurfaced regarding the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Accompanied by the anticipated second wave of cases this fall, numbers have increased considerably.

Although our community may be more prepared now than during the initial outbreak, these times can still cause stress of knowing how to navigate them safely. Our dedicated team at HosPall Private Home care are experts in the field of health and safety and recommend some main practices of how to keep those you love safe and sound during these times.

1.Social Circles

As social beings, we understand the importance of keeping in touch with our friends, family, and community. One of the hardest changes we have had to make during quarantine and the onset of the pandemic is the restriction of socializing. To stay safe during these hard times, it is crucial to tighten our social bubbles. Other than your immediate household, keep socializing online, via text, Facetime, Zoom etc. By keeping our social bubbles small, we reduce the chance of virus spreading and are more easily able to track it if it does.

2. Keep Your Masks On

As uncomfortable it may be for some, wearing a mask saves lives. When visiting public spaces for essential errands and appointments, wear a mask that suits your liking. This small yet significant practice will keep yourself and your loved as well as those around.

3.Social Distancing

Public and private spaces have done a great job of implementing social distancing ques throughout their establishments. Signs, floor stickers, and barriers have been put in place to remind the community to maintain a safe distance between themselves and others. By practicing social distancing, we ensure our community can stay safe and recover quicker.

4.Wash Regularly

Although everyone now understands the importance of hygiene, the pandemic has reminded us to implement these habits into our daily lives. After coming back into your home, it is key to practice diligent hand washing. The same goes for re-entering your vehicle. Consider using hand-sanitizer when you don’t have access to soap and running water. Maintaining a healthy hand-washing routine will do wonders for your health and well-being during the rest of the pandemic.

5.Stay Close to Home

Whether you are an essential worker, delivery person, or someone’s neighbor, it’s very important to ensure you don’t enter into homes that you do not live in. It can be challenging, to say the least, to not go over to your friend’s house next door who you’ve been visiting weekly for years. Or to not welcome family inside when they come to visit. With the knowledge we have with how COVID-19 spreads, reminding our community to not enter homes outside of their own, ensures the utmost safety and health for everyone; and is worth it in the long run.

Be sure to share this article with family members who may benefit from a COVID-safety refresher. These tips are simple, yet highly effective and are backed up by our educated staff at Hospall Private Home care. Our team is dedicated to keeping your family members safe at home while experiencing the highest level of in-home PSW service. Call us today and speak with a nurse to learn more about how we can make your days easier, brighter, and safer.

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