HosPall is committed to the health and safety of both our employees and patients. To maintain strict health and safety precautions, we are currently doing the following:

  • APP screening daily that all our staff must fill out on COVID health and wellness
  • All staff are currently being tested for COVID even without symptoms
  • Screening process at each clients door – COVID health and wellness form they must check off and date and full name and phone number
  • Screening process for each visitor or relative to home same as #3
  • Emails were sent out this week to all staff/clients and families on Stage 2 COVID re screening , must wear mask when in clients homes, must perform screening at front door- no hugs or hand holding- regular communication with clients and families on changing rules etc
  • Daily updates by text or email to our staff on COVID 19 from Public Health, Premier and PM and Hospall
  • All staff have shields and masks ( several masks) – we have full PPE as needed or required for our team
  • Limit grocery shopping once every two weeks
  • Educating clients on need to wear mask and handwashing and hand sanitization
  • Staff are cleaning groceries outside of clients homes prior to bringing inside homes
  • Staff are using high grade cleaning products daily in clients homes especially touch points
  • Limited staff to each client
  • No staff are working with HOSPALL and Long Term Care
  • All staff have been instructed that they must get FLU vaccine when it becomes available
  • HosPall is also also running errands for all clients during pandemic for shopping, appts, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us at:
Tel: 905-539-0309